Tiffany Blu

Tiffany Blu – singer, song writer, performer and creator of medicinal music with lyrics that evoke emotions! You will laugh, you will cry and/or at the very least you will stop, reflect and do a little inventory.  Its passion, truth, real, accountable and it promotes forward movement and healing! The debut album/CD entitled Life, Love & Lack Thereof includes music from the heart that we can all relate to! Its R&B Soul with a dab or two of jazz, rock, blues, hip hop and Latin inspired dance! CD Release May 1, 2015!

Chelle (Project Blow Up) 008

Tiffany Blu
Born: Harlem, New York
Raised: Charleston, South Carolina
Location: Charlotte, North Carolina
Professional Singer/Song Writer Business Owner: I am Tiffany Blu Music, LLC.


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Business Mobil #: 704-594-5296


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