Paris Cesvette

I’m a total music geek who is generally lost somewhere between Jazz, soul and House. So I Spend all my days fusing them together. That feeling you get when the music is right.. I crave this.. I look for this everywhere.. Whatever that is.. I love that

Paris Cesvette
Born: 27 June 1989
Location: Herfordshire, UK
DJ, Radio Host, Producer, Remixer, Label Owner, Musician



Let the music speak to unexpected ears, gratefully a melody will take away your fears, when your day has turned to night and darkness fills your heart. Let the music speak to you like voices in the rain. – Joe Sample


Paris’s production style is a strong twist on Soul, RNB, Reggae and Jazz with the foundations of classic music theory.

The heart of a musician with the technical brain that is more than needed for a producer brings inspiration to her colleagues and listeners alike.

Her first experience was with producer Vinnie VII when they were producing a track for her gospel choir for GDM records, Vinnie’s skill and approach in creating and producing music inspired and kicked off an interest in the technical production of music.

paris19 years on Paris is called to produce for all genres, in each production Paris does not ignore the want to push her musical passion in every delivery and through this has led to her working with such a vast range of talents.

The voice of Little Jimmy Scott , Prague Symphony Orchestra , Oscar Castro Nerves, C Robert Walker and Remixing for Paul Brown , Kim Waters , Najee, Brian Simpson, winning the artists pick for the Robert Glasper remix competition, Akon, Acoustic Alchemy and many more.

Expect to see so much more from this fresh musical force.

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Thierry Coqueret aka Terry C. (CoqMix)

He flew in the clouds of House, Garage and 2Step, landing
on the enchanting and captivating beaches of Soulful

Name: Thierry Coqueret aka Terry C. (CoqMix)
Born: October 8, 1966
Current Location: Paris
Dj, Radio Dj  & Administrator on Soulside radio



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#thierry#coqmix# (14 sur 17)
The latter half of the last century witnessed the birth of two legends: Kraftwerk, electronic music pioneer and Thierry Coqueret aka Terry C. (CoqMix), inventor and only player of Air Mix.

The second one’s first love of bellbottoms and Disco glitter was followed by a few Rock distractions, then washed away into a tidal wave of Funk.

This period witnessed his first mix, which for the record, was written by abusting two recycled SL 1200 Mk2, using the legendary Soul Makossa beat.

Original HipHop became part of his musical world.

After taking a few years off, he discovered junglistic Drum’n’Bass rythms, renewing his beloved Electro sounds.

He flew in the clouds of House, Garage and 2Step, landing on the enchanting and captivating beaches of Soulful.
His presence on BWU then on SOULSIDE Radio is the occasion to indulge yourself from his taste for smooth voices and sensual beats.

Neil Thompson

What started out as a very personal thing soon developed into a more public thing and I’m lucky enough that other people In the UK soul scene like what I’ve been doing….which I never ever take for granted.

Name: Neil Thompson
Born: 1969
Location: Southport, in the north-west of England
songwriter / producer / remixer / artist….anything goes!!



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Neil Tomo
Former DJ – Currently remixing, producing & writing music for your soul… ** Always looking for singer / songwriters to collaborate with – inbox him for more info **

neiltomo1After a lifetime of loving those special moments in a track that gives you goosebumps and enforced rewinds, I thought it was about time I tried to create some of those moments for myself. Back in the late 80s / early 90s I knew what I wanted to do but I just didn’t have the equipment or budget to do it, so it got shelved for nearly 20 years whilst I got all grown up with a proper job and a lovely family.

Then after getting a USB turntable I started converting all my vinyl to MP3s and working with Audacity… then one thing led to another and I found myself doing edits, extended mixes and mash-ups of all my favourite soul / funk / hip-hop tracks. Bliss!!!

Since then I’ve moved onto Cubase5 (now 6) and I haven’t looked back.

10155530_843677112369466_2729834625262266735_n (1)In the last 12 months I’ve worked with Incognito, Beverley Knight, Kenny Thomas, West Coast Soulstars, Trish Standley, Miss Coco Brown, The Homework Brothers, Finite Source, Tom Glide & The Luv All Stars, Soularis, etc to name but a few…love em all to bits! I’ve also been interviewed on BBC radio as well as numerous internet radio stations. I love female BVs, I simply worship at the feet of a crackin’ bassline and I’d gladly sell my sister (if I had one) for strings that send a shiver down your spine!!

Influences include: New Order, Late Night Alumni, OMD, The Beatles, Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five, Beverley Knight, Shannon, Xena, Human League, Heaven 17, Trevor Horn, The Art of Noise, Todd Terry, Jam & Lewis, Electribe 101, Chaka Khan, Amii Stewart, Loose Ends, SOS Band, Pet Shop Boys, ELO, Ultravox, The Jones Girls, Samantha James, Bill Withers, Change, George Michael, Stephanie Mills, Marvin Gaye, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Isley Brothers, Brand New Heavies, Cool Down Zone, Incognito….SOMEBODY STOP ME!!!

Tom Housefroind

Music is his life

Housefroind1 (1)Tom Housefroind
Born: 1967
Location: Peterborough



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In the early teens he was already interested and influenced by black music of Earth Wind and Fire, Kool and the Gang and Michael Jackson to name a few. Tom started his DJ Career with 18 first as a party DJ later as a resident in several clubs starting with Funk, Disco and Soulmusic. In the End of the 90’s Tom started interest in House Music.
He recognized that House is a feeling something that you like or you don’t. Influences by Grant Nelson, Shane D, Richard Earnshaw,
Mark Di Meo and many more he started to be part of some Radioshows on Pure Rhythm Radio or some Italian Radiostations.
But due to lack of time he decided to deliver Mixshows on a sporadic pace making it easier to arrange job, family and music under one hood. There are two kind of Tom’s mixshows available at this time: Dancin’ hour and Nite Cruzr.
Today Tom’s Mixshows are heard by a worldwide audience.


Lisa Crampton – Elle Cee

Dj Elle Cee was a child of the golden Hacienda era where house music really took off in the UK

Lisa Crampton ( Elle Cee)
Born: Blackpool
Location: Reading
DJ, Show producer and artist management


Bildschirmfoto 2016-04-20 um 16.00.51



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Dj Elle Cee was a child of the golden Hacienda erea where house music really took off in the UK. Back in the day Lisa exploited her love for music working 15 years for HMV . Despite this it was only 2 years ago that she got her decks and started to learn her craft as a DJ She has played as residents at the Mother bar in London and also become a Resident DJ at the Back to Love events , she was lucky to grab a set at last years Vocal booth in Spain and played at outdoor venues all summer such as Zeus in Reading . And is returning from a successful night at the Base Bar in Blackpool to play again this year in her home town She also did a taster night called the Light Which went down a storm, she will continue with The Light in 2015 I think the most successful has to be a 2 hour regular Sunday soulful radio show she produces That has attracted record listeners and big name DJ’s from around the world every week This is heard on the station Radio Deea in Romania and goes by the name of Groove Kitchen & Elle Cee She also plays Bi Weekly for Phillynites Radio in the USA And has a very successful Soundcloud page under the name of DJ Elle Cee She has a couple of remixes to her belt and has now stepped into artist management This year has been amazing in terms what she has achieved 2015 has seen Lisa (Elle Cee ) start her management PR company she has been looking for vocalists for a year and has now got 3 of the best that she is working with , she has also brought out a track and remixed 2 very successful track on Soundcloud Mary j Blige ” Nobody but you ” and recently put out her 2nd Edit R Kelly “Put the guns down” , last October she started her own night at the Penta Hotel last September ” Soulful Soirée” that has been a great success and she played at the Miami Winter Music Festival in March 2016 She is now mentoring , managing and working with producers & artists on tracks to be released this year looking after her vocalists and living her dream of working in the Soulful House music arena .


Tiffany Blu

Tiffany Blu – singer, song writer, performer and creator of medicinal music with lyrics that evoke emotions! You will laugh, you will cry and/or at the very least you will stop, reflect and do a little inventory.  Its passion, truth, real, accountable and it promotes forward movement and healing! The debut album/CD entitled Life, Love & Lack Thereof includes music from the heart that we can all relate to! Its R&B Soul with a dab or two of jazz, rock, blues, hip hop and Latin inspired dance! CD Release May 1, 2015!

Chelle (Project Blow Up) 008

Tiffany Blu
Born: Harlem, New York
Raised: Charleston, South Carolina
Location: Charlotte, North Carolina
Professional Singer/Song Writer Business Owner: I am Tiffany Blu Music, LLC.


Tunecore Image

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Business Mobil #: 704-594-5296

Manuel Innaro

Deep love and deep respect for all House Music Families & Brotherhood ……

Manuel Innaro
Born: Italy
DJ, Producer, Record Label Owner, Agency Owner


Logo KalabraDà Records


started playing in public in 1988 in an Italian disco named EX in the wonderful frame of the Private Village called “Praialonga”, Robert Passera ( Doing Time – “I was Ye Ye Girl) & Alex Orlwosky (Music Video Director). He started his artistic experiences between art exhibitions and music at the Globe Wine Bar on the top floor of the “Coin”. National Network in a program called “Modern Times”(98/99/2000) Italia 1, charity events and great cooperation with “Noblesse Oblige”, an agency of international events and musical editions, … an agency that produces events in major Films Festivals across Europe, Venice and Cannes with countless Celebrites and world-renowned Artists. Milano Lounge Beach (Italia) Art Director + multiples venues spot for one nights world wide.

Many clubs where he played but definitely the most beautiful and memorable are the clubs in Miami, as Nikki Beach, Clevelander, The Tides, Jazid , Love Hate, Chesterfield, Segafredo, Catalina, Atmosphera, Rebus and many more…

Sharing, producing and playing during official events with amazing International Artists, Singers, Producers and Musicians as Dominique Reighard, Chris Willis, K Rose, Nile Rodgers…..

Producing events and sharing the console with djs and singers like Jesse Saunders, Wayne Williams, Tony Humpries, Bill Kelly, Maurice Joshua, K’Alexi Shelby, Ultra Nate’, Inaya Day, Victor Simonelli, Vick Lavender, Dominique Reighard, Mario Romay, Mark Grant, Sidney B, N’ Dinga Gaba, Jack Master Wallace, Terry Hunter, Paris It’s all Right, Richard Vasquez, Jay Negron, Kenny Bobien, Joe Smooth, John Morales, Victor Simonelli, Jason Walker, Sidney B, Lou Gorbea, Brandon Morales, Pablo Fierro, Mikki Afflick, Davidson Ospina, Tony Touch, Groove Assassin, Deep Haven, Alladin, Dj Thunder, Glenn Thornton, Pete Simpson, Sal Negro, Taihisha Grant, Ray Vazquez, Groove Addix, Dj Peace, Pirahna Head, Annie Sollange, Chico Pacheco, Sean Mc Cabe, Dolls Combers, Scarlett Santana, ParisHouseAddict, Solara, Man-X, Dezmond Meeks, Neal Conway, Groove Junkies, Alice Edun, Wayne Tennant, Stephanie Cooke, Jamie Lee Wilson, Cinnamon Brown, Melonie Daniels, Heather Walker, David Walker, Dr. Feel X, Eric King, Qwote, Patrik Bo, DJN Project, Fabio Rochembach, Doruk Dirty Dale, Simon Sim’s, Dj Kevin O, Richie THE DJ, Nermin, Myopic, JP Rigaud, Steve Kelly, Shayne Pilpel, Keith Thompson, Carolyn Harding, Layla Jayne, Dawn SOULUV’N Williams, Marlon Saunderson to name few…

Projects : Relazioni Pubbliche & Comunicazione (Owner/Founder/CEO)/ KalabraDà Records (Owner/Founder/CEO)/ Unusual Friends ( Founder/Owner) / / European Representative Former Director of Boards Djs Hall of Fame for Legends of Vinyl / International Ambassador for Iklwa Brothers The Music Community South Africa_


Skype: manuelchristianinner
Mail: /


Sulene Fleming

Music is a timeless endless feeling of contentment,
music is freedom
Name: Sulene Fleming
Born: in the UK
Location: London, UK
Singer, Songwriter, Recording Artist




Sulene Fleming is a singer & songwriter based in London.

Her sound is predominantly rooted in soul but she frequently takes influence from multiple genres including soulful house, funk, jazz and blues. Her exciting style balances raw with refined, evoking the likes of Phyllis Hyman, Chaka Khan & Etta James.

Her modern yet old school approach and her show-stopping presence as a performer has been wowing audiences around the UK & Europe. Being a featured artist on various albums,writing and performing on numerous recordings & projects, her music is getting frequently played on various radio stations.

She will be embarking on writing for her solo venture in the near future & whilst writing for her solo album Sulene continues writing and releasing new material with other producers and writers.

Sulene has performed for Quincy Jones,supported The God Fathers of Groove Bernard Purdie Reuben Wilson, Larry Graham & The Grand Central Station to name a few. Being a seasoned performer touring around the UK and Europe with bands such as The New Mastersounds & The Fantastics!

A guest Vocalist or featured artist in various bands, live is where its at for Sulene as well as being passionate and creative in her studio work. Some Releases have been with Freestyle Records, Ministry of Sound, Lounge, Cooker, Deep Funk, Wax On & Soulheat Records.

Her love of songwriting keeps Sulene busy with new projects with other Artists and producers. Sulene is a composer at AudioNetwork Plc and her songs have been used for TV, Commercials Film and other media. Seen on such programs as Greys Anatomy Secret Diary of a call girl and Law and Order and many more, BBC ITV Channel 4 SKY,and numerous other channels in the UK USA and Europe.

Sulene is also a session singer, studio’s and for live performances, Working for recording Artists & various bands & featuring at corporate events. With a blend of numerous styles in her pocket Sulene is also available for events accompanied by some of UK’s most finest musicians.