Dick Visser Photography

selfie copy 2Name: Dick Visser
Born: January 1975
Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands


There’s many ways to enter the world of photography. He took the long road – and he feels it’s starting to pay off. After his professional education, focusing on design, layout and typography, Dick Visser discovered the business side of the field by running an ad studio for five years. Missing the artistic element, he switched to one of the major Amsterdam photo labs, where he got to work with Photoshop, refining and touching up the images of many of the great Dutch photographers.

Wanting to see the larger picture, his  next step was to get involved in the international advertisement world. As a graphic designer an international advertising agency, he has been working for a number of high-end companies, with a strong personal emphasis on the visual aspect of major productions. And then, after all those years of working with the images of fellow professionals, he suddenly felt the urge to look at the world through his own viewfinder. To decide what he want others to see. To pick his moment to release the shutter.

Dick’s personal page on Facebook:
Dick’s Fanpage on Facebook
Dick on 500Px.com
Dick on Instagram

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