Stephanie Cooke

Name: Stephanie Cooke
(Artist Name): Stephanie Cooke
Born: Newark, New Jersey USA
Current Location: Newark, New Jersey USA
Artist, Producer, Publisher, Label Owner, Artist and DJ Manager

More about Stephanie Cooke

Stephanie Cooke is a singer/ songwriter whose roots are based in urban Newark, NJ. Born and raised there, she grew up in church like many in the music industry, and found her beginnings in the choir and in small groups as she developed her singing and arranging skills, She wrote her first song under pressure to impress a would be14672866_657361394426678_77771437_o manager who told her that only artists who could write these days would be successful. that song got recognition at ASCAP and was featured at a songwriter´s workshop where it received rave reviews. This was stepping-stone in her career as all the publishers at the workshop became interested in hearing what she had to offer. Less than one year later she was writing, arranging and doing background vocals on many major projects and being called upon many labels to offer songs.

Within eighteen months, she was flaunting a publishing deal that lead to her relationship with producers such as Jermaine Dupri, Soul Shock and Carlin, All-Star, DJ Enuff, and the list goes on. During this time she wrote for such artists as Aretha Franklin, Jody Watley, Tyrese and numerous new comers even rearranging song for remixes for the Braxtons and SWV.
For the last ten years she has made her home as an artist in dance music recording many songs on Kingstreet Sounds. This relationship yielded a full length album which was released in 2003. the album is a combination of many of the songs she recorded over the years along with a few new things.

14689803_657360057760145_1961326154_oThese days, Stephanie is reaching new heights as an artist and has come into her own on the stage. New relationships and circles of producers, a new home label and extended family have taken her career as a writer and performer to another level. She´s currently working on a new album with West End Records with Blaze leading the list of great producers promised to appear on the project. She recently recorded several songs with Blaze that truly set a pace for her career including titles such as “Love Will”, ” Lover´s Holiday” and “Love makes the World go Round”. This coming year promises to be one filled with great new creations on her palette of fine recordings with the future brighter than ever she has nothing but Phenomenal Woman on her agenda.When she’s not working on her forthcoming ‘My Heart’ LP, Ms. Cooke runs her own Angeltown Recordings label.






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Groovefinder on tour

We are on Tour and meet friends. Have a look.

What: Soulful Soirée Penta Hotel Reading, Kingpinn´s Birthday Bash
Where: Penta Hotel, Reading, UK
When: 8th October

With Elle Cee, Kingpinn, Neil Pierce, Twism, DJ Late Night Dancer

Gallery 1:

Groovefinder´s Family Brunch in London with Linda Muriel, DJ Late Night Dancer, Stuart Vaughan, A.Rhoden Lawrence, Andrew Johnson


Gallery 2:

Soulful Soirée Penta Hotel Reading
Big thank you  to Mr Tim Davis for  the permission to use also his
photos. Check his page on Facebook.

What: DJ Dee-Bunk meets Groove Shaker@Strand Pauli,
Hamburg, Germany
Where: Hamburg
When: 25th September

What: Baltic Soul Night and Baltic Soul Boat
Where: Hamburg
When: 17th and 18th September

with: Tortured Soul, Miss Kelly Marie, Dan D., Lloyd Atrill, Kenny B., Mr Brown, Mick Farrer, Ferry Ultra, MaxK, Steve Hobbs, Henry Storch

Gallery 1

Gallery 2


What: The Soul You Need
Who: Birke, Markus
Where: Kiel
When: 30th April

with: Natasha Watts, Sarah Watts, Lloyd Attrill, Kenny B., Hajo Ehlers, Lars Farien

What: Baltic Soul Weekender #10
Who: Birke, Markus
Where: Bispingen
When: 22nd to 25th April

Gallery 1

Gallery 2

Gallery 3

What: Funky Dance Night
with Jill and Mick Farrer, Stefan Schönewerk, Andreas Vering and many others
Who: Birke
Where, Stage Club, Hamburg
When: 19th March

What: SoulpowerFM on Tour
with Jens and Dirk (Herford Posse), Nando Distler (The Dude), Guido Neumann (The Boss) and Nunzio Fiorentino
Who: Markus
Where: Fichtenhof, Bielefeld, Germany
When: 13th February

What: A Saturday in London
with Colin Brown, Anthony Wooten, Stuart Vaughan, Giles Addison, Paris Cesvette, Teresa Cesvette, Linda Muriel, Ron Hector, Kelly Murray, Nick Van Gelder, Alex Eugenio, Marcus Rogers and many many many more wonderful peeps
Who: Birke and Markus
Where: Horse And Stables, London
When: 8th January

What: Vorweihnachtssoul
with DJs Lloyd Attrill, Sarah Watts, Dan D., Bernd Niedergesäß, Kenny B and Markus Kater
Who: Birke, Markus
Where: Treibgut, Kiel
When: 28th November

What: Cool Million & Friends
Who: Birke, Markus
Where: Bremerhaven, Soulfood-Festival, Hamburg, Edelfettwerk
When: 7th November, 14th November

What: Bolsoul Week,
Who: Markus
Where: Bol, Croatia
When: 6 to 13th October 2015

What: A Weekend Abroad
Who: Birke and Markus
Where: Reading and London
with: many many good friends

Gallery One

Gallery Two

What: A Weekend Trip to meet Members
Who: Birke

Where: Strasbourg, France
When: August 2015

with Djamel Mebarki, Vinicious Vince, Blackadiscomental, Lino Sparkling, Salam Razaf´

What: Funky Dance Night
Where: Stage Club Hamburg
When: 20th June
Organizer: Andreas Vering

with Rob Hardt, Matthias Müller, Stefan Schoenewerk and many many more…

What: Cool Million Party
Where: Mauerwerk, Hildesheim
When: 23rd May
Organizer: Tabasco Bob

With Frank Ryle, Rob Hardt

What: This Is Your Night Party, Hannover
Where: Glitzerkeller, Hannover
When: 16th May 2015

What: Tortured Soul in Concert
With: John-Christian Urich, Jordan Scanella, Isamu McGregor, Matthias Müller
Where: Mojo Club, Hamburg
When: 10th May 2015

What: Funky Dance Night
With: Mr. Brown, DJ Sportwagen
Where: Stage Club Hamburg
When: 18th April 2015
Organizer: Andreas Vering

What: Baltic Soul on Tour
With: Ferry Ultra, Akim B., Dan D., Laurin Schaffhausen
Where: Skala Bielefeld
When: 10th April 2015

What: PrivatProjekt Release Party
Where: Nochtspeicher, Hamburg
When: 28th March 2015
Organizer: Michel Reckhard

What: Groovin’ All Night
Where: Space Age (Glitzerkeller), Hannover
When: 21st March 2015
Organizer: Soulful Music (Steffen Uttke, Henning Kunze & Friends)

Next Event: 18th April, 10pm

Jerry Rankin

Name: Jeremiah Francis
(Artist Name): Jerry Rankin
Born: 28.10.1982
Current Location: London
Radio DJ – Producer

More about DJ Jerry Rankin


I started djing as a hobby in1997 which turn into a passion, whichwent into a career playing house and garage in local clubs and bars, also i manage to get slots on major underground radio stations in London and Essex. Which led into getting my name well establish in the underground house scene. Recently im working on my own projects in the studio trying to accomplish my dream. My current radio show is on



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Robert Bateman

” I am loving life and I love music so the future is bright.”


Name: Robert Bateman
(Artist Name): Dr Rob
Born: UK
Current Location: Colchester, UK
DJ, Producer and Radio DJ

More about Dr Rob


A Bio (or a link to a Bio): I started DJing in the 1990’s in Bournemouth playing soulful house or American Garage as it was known then. After a break from DJing I picked the reins back up again in 2013 and I AM Back!!
I love to play soulful house but enjoy playing all genres of house music as well as soul funk and disco.
I have a regular weekly radio show on Thursdays 9-11pm UK time. I also have been playing gigs in and around Colchester, Essex and Suffolk ove rhte last three years. These have ranged from intimate parties to festivals attended by 3000 party goers.
dr-rob-robertsI have started producing my own work in 2016, something that I have wanted to do for a long time. I decided to take the plunge and try it. So far this year I have had three tracks signed to record labels.
I am loving life and I love music so the future is bright.



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Kischa Link

“being able to live my long time dream of performing in front of people and making them feel good through my music.” 


Name: Kischa Link
(Artist Name): Kischa Link
Born: October 3rd
Current Location: East Orange, New Jersey, United States
Singer,  Artist

More about Kischa Link

Not every singer is a performer, not every singer has the “it” personality and not every singer is a “star.” Rare is the woman who can excel in all of these areas, yet Kischa does so with dedication and ease. If this weren’t enough to set her apart, Kischa has crafted a style that blurs the boundaries of club, house, R&B and soul. To call her a club singer would not be fair as she blends music genres smoothly, she is what we call a creator, an artist. The New Jersey native boasts a wide range of talents that’s unparalleled by most in today’s industry.

Given Kischa’s diverse musical influences, it is no wonder her songs transcend genres. Inspired by artists such as the “queen of hip hop soul,” Mary J. Blige, house music songstress Adeva, and the ever so talented Erykah Badu, for Kischa it was inevitable for her star to shine. The attractive talent is a person who loves life and surrounds herself with positive energy. Her music is across between soulful house music and R&B soul.

14355730_1273100909368862_6726815401366225202_nKischa first put herself on the map with her debut single, “So Happy,” a feel good track with an addictive chorus. Finally in the public eye, Kischa continually builds her local following. After 15 years of struggling to get that first record made, she shares what keeps her going is, “being able to live my long time dream of performing in front of people and making them feel good through my music.”

With mounted anticipation after her first release, in May, Kischa unveils more of herself through her music with a sophomore new single” Moving On.”and “Shine your Light On me”. These songs showcases Kischa’s versatility and maintains her journey to stardom. Kischa is fusing genres that have been attempted by few and achieved by even fewer. Fascination with Kischa presence continues to be on the rise, as she is steadily filling her calendar with performances.







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DJ Amethyst

I´m an allrounder DJ, who loves Soulful Vocal House

Name: Drew
Artist Name: DJ Amethyst
Current Location: London
DJ, Radio DJ

More about Amethyst London


Im an allrounder Dj, who loves Soulful Vocal House. My music policy is quality music that creates a good atmosphere for the people to dance to music with no barriers, it needs to be exciting, soulful tough and funky.I’ve been playing Vinyl Record since young. My Dad had a lot of 45inch & 12inch LP´s. In 1981 The nick name Amethyst was born. Its My Birth Stone & Dj Name and it all started from my body popping & roller skating & love for all types of music.

My very first Record that I ever bought at the age of 15 was
“The Theme Tune to Space Invaders” by Yellow Magic. It was Paul Anderson who got me into deejaying. I used to go to hear him playing at the Sugar & Spice & Electric Ballroom. My R&B Sound was called “Catch the Beat”. I used to go to the Steve Walsh Soul Weekender and spend much time in Clubs like Royalty,  Pink Elephant, Electric  Ballroom, Bentley and Lyceum. But my love for music always was more various.

I love a good Reggie Sound Clash. Saxon was my number 1
Sound System, also to mention Sir Coxsone ,King Tubby,
Fat Man and Unity & Stone Love.I got into Acid House when Rave Music was at it`s best. Our firm was called MFI, ” Mad For It”
We were up there with Centerfore,  Biology, Rain Dance,
Rat Pack Promised Land  and Sunrise. I was a West End Dj for 19 years and played in all the Top West End clubs.I also worked as a resident Dj at “Chinawhite” for 5 years and after at  the “Funky Buddha”  for 6 years.



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Twism & B3rao

Name: Brian Rawson & Nate Almeida
Artist Name: TWISM & B3RAO
Current Location: NYC – USA, IBIZA – SPAIN
DJ, Artist, Producer, Label Owner, Radio DJ

More about Twism & B3rao

United States power duo, TWISM & B3RAO came together full time in the latter part of 2013 with intentions to change the landscape of house music.  Having released over 100 tracks in the past two and a half years, they are the sought after artist of many of the world’s elite djs. Garnering numerous #1’s and littering the Traxsource charts with their sound, they have come to be one of the top in the game.  Recently, they were welcomed into the Karmic Power Records family, where they are working closely with the legendary Lenny Fontana on numerous upcoming projects.  2016 is increasingly proving to be an absolute turning point in their careers and are striving to give their fans and listeners music that delivers a slice of the old with the new. Picking up where many of the greats left off, they are here to push the sound of house into the modern era.







Jose Torres Olivares

Name: Jose Torres Olivares
(Artist Name): Jose Torres
Born: 29-05-1973
Current Location: Palma de Mallorca – Islas Baleares

jose-torres_3About Jose Torres

José Torres comenzó su andadura musical como disc jockey en el año 1985. Conocido por ser fiel a estilos como el House, Soul y Funky. Fue DJ residente en multitud de clubes en Valencia (España), siempre fiel a un estilo reconocido y avalado por grandes artistas del panorama nacional e internacional.

Actualmente, The Music Club se encuentra en su tercera temporada en antena, avanzando cada día en número de seguidores y siendo uno de los programas de referencia de la música electrónica de calidad. Además, es un programa apoyado y avalado por grandes artistas, productores y sellos discográficos como Jamie Lewis, Mario Marques, Peppe Citarella, Giulio Bonaccio, Sheree Hicks, Stephanie Cooke, Daw Williams, Natasha Watts, Tracy Brathwaite, Tracy Hamlin, Roland Clarck,Marc Tasio, Antonello Ferrari, Janice Robinson, Federico D’Alessio, Dj Pippi, Michael Procter, OtherSoul, Inaya Day, Carlos Vargas, Mark di Meo, Two 4 Soul, Purple Music, Tony Records, Karmic Records,CandyBeach Records, King Street, Afrisoul, etc.


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