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Have you heard this Music? | #5

🎶 Music is a wonderful thing, isn’t it? That is why we run this little blogsite. Today we take a closer look on one of the labels featured in Groovefinder’s World. Have a listen to six tunes released by Irma Records from Bologna in Italy – including music by Francesco Cofano, Dolls Combers, Sarah Jane…

Have you heard this Music? | #4

For this thursday we recommend four new tracks by Andre Espeut, S.E.L. | Michele Chiavarini, Tom Conrad and Daniele Baldi; we also recommend two must have classic albums by Josh Milan and Paris Cesvette

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Groovefinder’s World started in February 2015. Till the End of 2019 we worked on it on a daily basis, just for free and just for fun. Then we had to stop due to our real life commitments. Birke started a new job career in Hamburg, Admin Markus began to work again a bit as a journalist for german magazines and newspapers.

In January 2022 we reactivated the site. We here share our love for soulful music with you – with some news and background about great people and their music. We know many of them personally or are in (closer) contact with them via social media. We attach importance that all of the nearly 350 people in Groovefinder’s World have agreed to be featured on this site.



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